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    Please remember OCW in your end-of-the year giving.
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    Sensory Systems

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    Understanding Uncertainty

    New OCW Scholar course on probability,

    designed specifically for independent learners.

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Meet Our Instructors

strang-blue_th.jpg Prof. Gilbert Strang
Professor of Mathematics

“A big part of my life is to open mathematics to students everywhere. I'm very supportive of the whole idea of making these courses available to people around the world. Everyone has the capacity to learn mathematics, and if you can offer a little bit of guidance, the process of discovery is so valuable.”

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cuthbert_th.png Michael Cuthbert
MIT Associate Professor of Music

“OCW can be valuable for faculty who are creating their own courses. It allows anyone to get an inside look at how other professors are organizing and teaching their classes.”

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Prof. Eric Klopfer Prof. Eric Klopfer
MIT Professor, Director of the Scheller Teacher Education Program

“We’re going to see a shift away from very passive forms of learning, where students are the consumers...”

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